Around 14,000 racehorse owners in the UK enjoy a uniquely exhilarating experience that appeals to so many.

The individuals and collectives enjoying the pleasure of racehorse ownership span royalty, partnerships, friendships and large group syndicates.

To become involved in the leisure, pleasure and outright joy and excitement racehorse ownership brings, you need to make sense of the options and what each entails.

A summary of popular ownership types are below. If you’re new to racing, interested in Twiston-Davies stock and not 100% confident you understand the path ahead, we can help guide you through the process.

Sole Ownership

If you wish to own or lease a racehorse yourself and be recognised as the owner at the races, in results and any press coverage – sole ownership is for you.

To become a sole owner, before purchasing or leasing a racehorse you’ll need to submit an application to become a registered owner via the BHA website.

Details of the process are below.

Joint Ownership

Joint ownership differs from sole ownership in the fact everyone involved in the purchase or lease of a racehorse is recognised as an owner. If you and a partner or a group of friends wish to jointly own a racehorse, sharing the excitement and exposure, each individual needs to be registered with the BHA.

Any individual who isn’t already registered with the BHA and wishes to enjoy the pleasures of joint ownership will need to submit an application for registration in their own right.

Sole owners can share ownership of any racehorses they already own or lease with other registered owners at their discretion, with arrangements made directly between the registered owners.

If a group of individuals wish to own a racehorse together but do not want to be registered owners in their own right, then a syndicate would be a viable consideration.


Twiston-Davies horses can be owned through syndicates. For current opportunities please visit the Syndicates page.